The Electrified Doll


DD Got up in morning ate breakfast, put on clothes ,brush her teeth, and washed her face. She had a boring day at school so at lunch Maya and her started talking about how Maya could come over to bring an important paper for school . So….in the afternoon Maya came over to bring the pictures with her mom. As Maya mom and Dad’s mom were talking . Maya and DD decided to take meleia’s little sister which was 2years old and following the two girls. so they went in Dad’s and played ono. They also tried to convince their parents to let Maya come over after school on DD’s bus but they never get or got a straight answer. A little while later Maya had to go so they waved their little goodbyes and they drove off into the night. DD shut the door, took her bath, and went to sleep.


DD woke up and did the same routine as yesterday. DD and Maya started making plans of what their gonna do

Maya said ” so my mom told me that she would call the school and then when they accept after school I will call my mom she will say yes then I will get
on your bus.”

DD Said ” ok got it”

They started eating their lunch. After school DD tried to open her locker as fast as she could. She shut her locker and fast walked to Maya’s locker. so they were walking then Maya called her dad on accident twice when he was at work. When they were outside. Maya was finally on the phone with her mom

Maya: can I go to DD’s

Mom: No cause you called your daddy twice while he was at work

Maya: (tears started feeling Maya’s eyes) it was a accident y’all’s names is right by each other with the same emojis

Mom: Why they got the same emojis emojis at all

Maya: ….

Mom: No Maya

Maya: so I can’t go just because I called him

Mom: bye Maya .

DD Said ” so can you go?”

Maya said ” no.”

Demiah yelled and waved “well….BYE MAYA!!!”

Maya ” BYE!”

DD almost missed her bus the doors closed then opened again. She almost got left so she got on the bus and successfully rode home. When she got home she texted Maya

DD ; Can you ask your dad if you can come?”

Maya ; I’ll try

DD sent good luck bitmojis

Maya; I’m a need it cuz I called him on accident twice.

DD; you called him TWICE?!?!

Maya: yep

Few minutes later….

Maya ; He said the only way is if your mom is gonna pick me up or drop me back off ….or…..

DD; I’ll ask

Maya ; k thx

Few more minutes later

DD; she said she don’t care and you can sleepover too.

Maya; YAY??

DD sent a team awesome bitmoji.

DD’s mom said ” Now if we pick her up we going to get some food and do all our stuff first.”

DD Responded with a great big grin ” ok”

few minutes later..

DD got in the car with a happy smile. She started texting

DD ; we on the way (or otw)

She started turning into her neighbour Hood. She went in and saw her dog with her three puppy’s they were so cute they were walking and running. So Maya came outside and got in the car. They rode to KFC. Maya ordered a 5$ fill up box with a thigh and a chicken.
DD got the same she always ordered 5$fill up box with a thigh and a drum. Her mom ordered something too. So when they got to the window they payed and got their food. Maya also got. coke she drunk it with a straw and just through a straw hole. DD thought sodas are disgusting especially how Maya drunk it. So they got their food. So DD’s mom checked the bag and she said ” Lord I only got three pieces of chicken.

Maya and DD started laughing. They went in line again so as DD’s mom was talking about her chicken to the KFC worker. Maya and DD were laughing. it’s just when people talk about chicken they just laugh. So DD’s mom got her order right and they all went home. so after they ate DD’s stepdad w came over and started saying DADA to DD’s little sister . DD rolled her eyes. So it got a bit dark and Maya and DD started playing their favourite doll game they made up MESSY SITUATION. DD came up with that name for the show. They started playing then they started talking about a escape plan if a doll came alive but they knew that would never happen.


DD Said ” so I bring my boot of money and out clothes Maya you….”


Maya” I get your little sister and the keys and her stuff .

DD” yep”

They started playing then a doll that they hadn’t played with together in a long time suddenly appeared on DD’s bed. It has crazy blonde hair it kinda looked like Elsa’s hair from Frozen. She had on a purple dress, red lipstick, gold or silver earrings, and blue eyes. ( ?? ?? ?????)

Maya said” Did you put that right there?”

DD” No…did you?.”

Maya” I don’t think so.”

DD” Maybe we put it up there and we didn’t know.”

Maya nodded. But she was too afraid and threw it at the TV . DD’s face was like why did you do that for. They started laughing. But the doll was electrified. She came up and said ” WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME!!???”

DD and Maya SCREAMED! DD got her boot money and the bags and Maya rushed to get DD’s Sister . The parents were already dead covered in blood . She got some of imp stuff and got the keys for DD’s mom car. DD left her room and got her memory box. They both went into . They also got her mom’s wallet for license and they can say their old and that’s how they used to look back in the day. So they put stuff into the car and rode into the night…….

to be continued

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