The room was deafeningly silent except for the rhythmic sound of my feet pattering on the floor. As I sat on the couch near the bed, lost in thoughts, I looked up and saw the luxurious bedroom, adorned with flowers in every nook and corner. It was an exquisite sight, I myself would have found it romantic in any other context, but right now it suffocated me.

When my nauseating stream of thoughts were taking a whole new height, I was interjected by the sound of the door opening swiftly by the man who is officially my husband since a few hours, he stepped in, crisp in a tracksuit. He was standing tall with his head bent and eyes focused on his mobile phone.

The feminist in my head was roaring on high alert, ‘Seriously ? Tracks ?’ Here I was forced to doll up for the wedding night whereas he, on the other hand was wearing the most comfortable clothing in the world. Shouldn’t the groom dress up as well to impress the bride ? The feminist voice was shrieking now ‘Male chauvinistic misogynistic society’

The voice abruptly halted mid-sentence, as my brand-new husband diverted his glance in my direction. He lethargically eyed me, running his gaze from my head to toe. Suddenly, I was conscious of myself, every inch of my skin had a highlighted sense of activity and anxiety, derived from many stories of wedding nights, came flooding to my mind just as blood rushed to my cheeks. I blushed and immediately felt embarrassed. I wished the ground would open up and swallow me right away before he could notice how flustered I was.

“Hey Christmas tree! Sorry I din’t even notice you” He said casually and sat on the bed facing me.

The feminist scoffed in disbelief.

Well this is the first time we are talking alone and he greets me with this imbecile nickname. Wonderful! what have I married myself to ?

“Aren’t you tired ?” He asked and I shook my head in agreement

“Okay we shall sleep then” relief flushed all over me as soon as I heard him say those most awaited words.

He continued “but before that save yourself from the grandiose heavy saree, I don’t think it’s gonna let you have a goodnight sleep” I nodded and turned to leave

“Everyone told you’re an extrovert but I haven’t seen you mutter a single syllable right from the moment I met you” He asked in an attempt to strike up a conversation.

I would normally never cease to shut my mouth but these wild thoughts mixed along with anxiety is causing a rift in my entire being.

Despite the whirlpool of unnecessary hypothesis shouting in my head, I got a grip of myself and mustered my strength to answer him back “I was taught to act nice in the beginning, in the due course you’ll see my true colors” Initially he was shocked at my reply but then he regained his composure and grinned shaking his head.

I smirked and went to change. See I have a big mouth, these dumbstruck moments are  just temporary lapses.

When I returned back he was looking at the bed and the couch in a confused state.

“What’s the matter, you look confused ?” I inquired sitting on the bed. Since we have established we’re going to sleep and do nothing else, I have completely warmed up to him by now.

“Ya actually I was taught to sleep on the couch like a gentleman to give my wife some space but you see my six feet frame is never gonna allow me to fit into the couch. So I’m thinking of an alternative” he replied scratching his stubble in deep thought.This article offers free shipping on qualified Face mask products, or buy online and pick up in store today at Medical Department

Okay he has some manner and definitely knows how to charm his way around. Check. Check.

“Hello Mr. Gentleman, I think your teacher is too old school for twenty- nineteen” he looked at me raising his eyebrows “you could sleep on the bed, it ain’t a problem”

“Are you sure ?” He voiced out ultra hesitantly

“Yep! as long as you don’t snore or put your legs on me, it’s completely fine, you’re permitted inside my territory” I laughed

“Ha I usually kick people out of the bed in sleep, do you think it wouldn’t be a problem ?”

“Hey then you’re not allowed mister, off you go”

We laughed like mad people.

After settling comfortably, my stomach started to growl. I was hungry, I din’t eat properly the entire day and now my stomach is yearning for its daily quota. I tried to suppress the hunger but it only seemed to increase with each passing second.

I gently patted my husband’s shoulder “Kartik ?” Oh yeah that’s my husband’s name, I love the way my tongue rolls while saying it. Okay now food is the main concern, stop with the distractions already. I called him again “Kartik ?” A bit louder. He looked at me alarmed “I’m hungry, no in fact I’m starving. I want something to eat”

“Oh, I don’t think there is any at home right now, you know we just returned tonight.” He thought for awhile “okay come on let’s go out and eat” he stood up instantly.

“Now ? No! What will your parents say ?” I gawped in shock

“Well we don’t want you to die out of hunger and about my parents we can always sneak out. What say ?”

I have always been this adventurous kid my entire life though the word ‘sneak out’ was dangerously tempting, I restrained myself by listening to the conscience and politely ignored his offer. Ha, I do have self-control. I’m quite proud of myself, but man I’m starving to death, will this guy feed or not ?

“Okay wait I’ll be back in a jiffy” he left the room.

I was draining the water bottle in the meanwhile to assuage my starving stomach.

He returned with a plate of noodles and a plate of scrambled egg.

“Ta da!! Here is your extremely late dinner my dear wife” he served it like a professional chef.

I rubbed my hands together in anticipation, I swallowed the first morsel and then I started to gobble them up like a caveman, right after licking the plate clean I realized I was being watched, Kartik was looking at me, smiling all the while.

“What’s so funny ?” I asked annoyingly.

“I think I love you” he said smiling, I was shell shocked and as a result I could hardly open my mouth in response “I mean …. I love the way you eat without a care in the world. It’s ….. beautiful, kinda cute” He stammered and corrected himself instantly.

To avoid the awkwardness I spoke again “So you have some skills eh ?”

“Flattered aren’t you ? Husbands who can cook delicious food are sexy aren’t they ?” he was gushing over his trivial culinary skills.

“Arghhh it was just a Maggi and a scrambled egg don’t flatter yourself” I rolled my eyes “Even a kid could do a better job”

“You’re just jealous of my abilities”

“Okay I’m already asleep” I laid on my side facing away from him.

I truly am flattered, they say the way to a man’s heart is through stomach but it just happened in reversal in our case.

I looked back slightly to have a good view of him, he was lying on his back with his eyes closed. The prominent square jaw with a three days old stubble was near perfection and his playful eyes could mesmerize anybody. When I was drooling over his biceps he spoke with his eyes closed

“I know I’m delicious love, but let a man have some rest”

“You wish” I turned around quickly which made him laugh in an exotic way, it was intoxicating.

Damn man he is hot, smart and funny. I think I’m in trouble, I might just fall in love with my husband.

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