The Missing Girl

Today my sister and I were outside and she threw the ball so far it looked like it was a mile away!!! I went to get the ball and when I came back my sister was gone!!

the next day**
My sister is still missing she had never came back! I was looking for her for 7 hours!! Then mom told us to come inside because dinner was ready! So I had to tell her that my sister disappeared! Then my mom called the cops and my dad just stared at the wall with a scared face. I went over to my dad and asked what was wrong and he told me to follow him! So I did, and he took me to the basement! Now I’m scared, he told me that he thinks that his sister took her but his sister died in a train crash and haunts our house!

the next day***
My sister was still missing and I started to hear noises in the house! I think I heard voices too! My dad still had the look on his face and I was still scared too! When my mom was done calling the police they came and searched the house, front yard, and the backyard! They did not find anything and they said that they will not leave this house until they find her!

the next day****
Today the cops found something! They found my sisters headband that she was wearing when she disappeared in the grass by our neighbors house that was abandoned! So they took a look inside and found my sister but, she was covered in cuts and bruises! Now me and my family our safe in our house but for some reason at night, I always see shadows moving and hear breathing right behind me!!! but I still don’t know what it is!! Maybe my dad or mom could tell me!?! But what if they don’t is it that girl? Is she still haunting us? Will we move? I don’t know the answers to these questions, do you?!? I really need to know if we are going to move because its creeping me out!!

the next day*****
When I woke up this morning I went to ask my dad what his sister’s name was and he said that her name was Diana! I got really scared because 2 months ago my dad, sister, my mom, and I watched a horror movie called Diana and she would kill people!! At dinner when my dad came home from work we asked him where mom was and he said Diana killed her and she had left a note that said “your next kids” on it!! After that note he got a new house in a whole different state so his sister couldn’t reach us!

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