The Painting

Raj was looking for an attractive painting to decorate his drawing room. He had bought a new house 2 days ago. He went to a gypsy carnival to end his search. There, he found an antic shop. The shop was full of antic items and paintings. Raj’s eyes were rolling right to left in search of a masterpiece. Finally he saw a painting on which his eyes got engaged. It was a painting of a small Goblin , standing in a forest. He paid the price and brought the painting at his house.

Same Night…..
Raj was sleeping in his room but woke up by giggling sounds. He came downstairs to check. In the drawing room, where he hanged the painting, he found that the Goblin in the painting wasn’t there. It was very strange. How it could be?. He heard the giggling sound again coming from upstairs this time. When he entered in his room but found nothing. Hi Hi Hi.. the sound came again ,this time from behind his back. It was a goblin a furry, blue tiny creature with sharp claws. Raj was fully shocked. The creature jumped on him unwillingly making him hit the floor. The goblin took the alarm clock and broke the clock on Raj’s head. Raj wasn’t expecting this attack and got fainted.

…………………..(Ending 1)……………….

When he regained his consciousness he found that the goblin from the painting was standing in front of him—
” You cannot be real?”
” I am real! I’ve been trapped in this painting for 500 years.”
” Who trapped”
” The Goblin king, it was a punishment. A curse! And there is only a way to get rid of this life,” said the goblin.
” What..?”
” I have to kill a human, and possess his body.”
Goblin jumped on Raj to kill him. Raj kicked him in the face and ran towards the kitchen. He took a knife and at the same moment the goblin jumped on him, the goblin got stabbed in ribs. Goblin hold Raj’s hand and told him that the one who kills a goblin will become a goblin, too. Later, The goblin died. Raj didn’t believe him and burned his body.
Some week later….. He noticed that there were small blue hairs had been grown on his body…. ( END)

………………………(Ending 2) 1-YEAR LATER…………

Raj’s house has been sold. A new family is coming to live in the house. The painting has been sold also. The painting is in an antic shop. Raj is also there but now he’s inside the painting. He has became a Goblin.

[ When Raj became unconscious, the goblin replaced his soul with Raj’s body and he’s now wandering in Raj’s body. Raj got trapped in the painting.] ( END )

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