Hot Security Guard

“There you are, I need to talk to you.” Said the library security guard. I looked at him like a deer caught in the headlights. He put his hand on the nap of my back and guided me to the back room. He looked like any security guard that I ever seen. He had on bash pants and matching button up shirt. And because it was a cold day a well kept leather jacket.


My heart was racing fast for a 23 year old lady. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He said as he unlocked the back room door. I stood there for a long moment trying to regulate my heart beat. When out of the blue he said, “I want to f**k you.” I took in a long breath as the door shuts behind us. Then I said in a hot voice “You know I wanna f**k you too.”


He pulled me close to him and started to kiss me his tongue made its way into my mouth. And at that moment I knew he was going to be a good f**k. He pulled away to lock the door. Then back to me, he tugged off my shirt revealing my bra of black and lace. Parker the security guard then pulled my bra down and began sucking on my hard n*****s.


I pushed him back onto the door where I unzipped his jacket and let it fall to the floor. Then I started to unbutton his shirt and flung it on to a chair. There he quickly moved me to the chair and pushed me down upon it. He removed the panties from under the skirt. Like every man he then began to eat my p***y. He was licking it like a cat to milk.


With every lick I started mooning he was licking all the right spots. After he had enough he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants he pulled them down to reveal he was underwearless. And his c**k was hard like a stick. He stood up and I fell to my knees and went to work on his Juicy meat. I worked it like I was eating a sausage stick.


With every deep throat I did Parker moan with pleasure. I lend down more to take his balls in my mouth and began to suck them. I could tell with every suck shivers occurred. I was working him right like he had worked me. When he was good and wet he pulled me up and turned me around and entered me, my p***y was ready.


With every pounding he had me feeling like a queen. He made me feel like I’d never been f****d before. He pulled my neck back my lips up and began French kissing me. He was riding my p***y like I was a well kept horse. As he glided with in me he had my body need more and more of him. Then we St still for a moment as one as he came with in me.


His juice was hot and creamy as he pulled out and fell to his knees and began eating my p***y for the second time. I couldn’t believe how well he new a woman’s body. He was going his job and doing it well. He was a man on a mission to please a woman. I almost lost it when a knock came at the door he looked up and yelled, “Occupied.”


Then he went back to eating me. When I had moaned loudly he began to slow down then stopped. He got off his knees and on to his feet and dangled his meat in my face. I licked the head and began to suck him off a second time. This time I wasn’t scared. Parker was getting me at my best. I took my hands and squeezed one of his balls lightly. I could tell by the way he shivered that he liked it. I moved back to his c**k to finish the job. For a moment he was guiding my head to his p***s.


Then he shivered for a second time. Then he began to c*m he left my mouth and came on my face like his c*m was a face cream. He lifted me from the chair and liked the cream of my face, “Never leave a woman messy.” He said as he plunged his tongue in my mouth for one last kiss.It only took him a couple minutes to dress and get back to work. For me I was in heaven and took longer. As I dressed I sat back on to the chair for a long moment before leaving the back room. Parker and me were going for round two that’s was for shore…

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