Office Romance

She moved like a woman on a mission. She had had it with the rumor talk. She left the brake room and made her way to him. “You in my office now!” She yelled so everyone could hear. “You can’t keep your hands off me?” He laughed and the whole group in front of the copier
laughed as well.

“Quiet or y’all going to be next.” Addison Gray remarked as she turned and walked the way to her office. She turned back to see if he was following her. She saw his sea green eyes gazing at her. Addison wanted to pull him into the bathroom and do what they did last
night. But this was work and they needed to keep it that away.

Kenny Ray felt the heat that she was given and he wanted her. Her brown eyes couldn’t hide the passion she was trying to hide. He new why he was going to her office and he didn’t like it when she called him out. But he knew he was keeping this rumour going. Even after she asked him to nip it in the butt. Kenny told himself that want wasn’t true wouldn’t hurt them. But the rumour going round was he was screwing the boss.

And as of 3 weeks ago it became true. She had pulled him into her office just for a talk. But as soon as she close the door he pushed her up against the wall and found her boobs. He unbuttoned the first three then pulled out the t**s. His waiting mouth found the big juicy boobs and he began to suck on the right breast.

Addison moaned with the field of his teeth nibbling at the n****e. She felt like a woman and he was her child. She knew this was not supposed to happen but she couldn’t help it. She wanted him to keep on munching on her rip hard n****e. She unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and shook it to the floor.

Kenny fell to the floor and pulled the red pencil skirt down and off her body. He moved aside her panties and revealed her juice p***y. There he lend in and began fondling it. First with his middle finger and finally his tongue found it’s way into her. Addison moaned on his entering her lady hood. She like the fill of his warm tongue within her. She craved for him to push that tongue deeper within. She could fill herself getting wet with every lick Kenny was giving her.


Kenny felt her hot juice erupt from within her. He quickly took his tongue out and began mopping up her wetness. He love the taste of p***y juice. He loved p***y all together. Kenny lifted himself up and began to unbutton his shirt. Addison quickly help him unbutton the last 2 she ripped off the shirt. She wanted him. She moved him to the rolling chair at her desk. There she pushed him into the chair and began
to unbuckle his pants.


She pulled them down along with his white boxers. His d**k  hard and her mouth was watering. She could see sweat on Kenny’s forehand just before she took the d**k into her mouth. She wondered if the door was locked but who gives a f**k she thought to herself. There she gently licked around the head then she took it in.


She moved up and down gently before quickening the pace. Kenny leaned his head back on the cushion chair and his eyes looked up. She with hitting all the right feels. He with his hand pushed her deeper onto his d**k. He had her deep-throating his c**k. She didn’t gag on it either she took it like a lady. Kenny like the thing she was doing with her fingernails.


The nails gently tickling his d**k sending shivers up to his butthole and his spine. This was one of the best fuckings he has ever had and he didn’t want it to end. Addison finished bye sucking on his balls, she took one in at a time. The moans that came from Kenny sawed that she was hitting the right spots. She stood up after finishing the balls and straddled him and the chair. There his d**k entered her waiting p***y. As she began to move back and forth the d**k hit the sides of her walls.


With each touch shivers ran wild within her. The faster she pushed the faster he bumped her. She began to perspire as droplets of sweat formed on her forehead. She grabbed hold of his shoulders and felt the moistness of swept on his body. The faster they went the more out of breath they became. Addison came upon his lap wetting him and herself. There she unstraddled him and turned herself around.


Kenny knew this with his opportunity to get some anal. He pulled her onto his hard rock c**k. He eased his c**k into her asshole and with his hand around her waist motion for her to start. She rode his c**k like he was a stallion and she with a cowgirl no. There she squeezed her asshole around his throbbing c**k. The feeling that came of it made him want more.


The feeling that came of it made him want more. He loved what they were doing in her office and he never wanted it to end. But he knew when they finished there would be no more f*****g. So he seized the moment he pulled her back and kissed her hard on the lips. Kenny love the way she tasted of cinnamon and cherries.


He thought to himself he could snack on her all day. He knew once he came in her the f*****g would be over. He would have to go back to doing his job. Addison felt his hot juice explode with In her. She sat on his d**k for a short moment. Then she got up turned around and kissed him hard on the mouth. She forced her tongue Within his domain.


She like the way his lips were soft and tasty. Addison moved away and started picking up her clothes. With each piece she began to dress and become the boss again. She looked over at Kenny and saw that he was dressing to become her worker. Before she knew what she was saying she had invited him for dinner that evening.


But now they were heading into her office hoping to get down who the root of the rumor. They both hoped that the rumors would stop but not the relationship. Addison opened up her office door and they both entered the room. She did not dare close the door on them both. She began to speak, “This can’t keep going on.” She said. Kenny look shocked, “Us or the rumor.”


He replied hoping she meant the rumor. But he was unsure. Addison took a long breath then added, “Yes the rumor, you want us to get caught?” She questioned. Kenny wiped his brow inside a breath of relief. He didn’t want to lose a good thing and Addison was his once in a lifetime. As he said the rumors would stop with him. Then lightly asked her to join him for dinner and dancing.


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