Served with love

It was a dull evening, when he decided to come over and help me with my college application essay. I had spent days and nights on it and had almost reached the point of exhaustion. This had become my entire life for the last few days.

Just seeing him at the door made me sigh. That warm hug, the smile was all I needed to feel refreshed. Very sweetly, he had remembered to bring along a large brick of butterscotch ice-cream to cheer me up. While I was stuck to the computer, he went to the kitchen, put a small serving of ice-cream in a glass bowl and came back to my workstation, the bed.

My mind was so pre-occupied and scattered, I didn’t even realize he had only got one spoon. While I was staring at some words on the screen, he slowly moved closer and placed his lips on mine. My eyes widened, my heart skipped a beat and those lips – they were so cold and his tongue, even colder. I could taste him, but this time it was different.

It was a smooth concoction of butterscotch flavour along with his saliva. The sweetness was slowly taking over my mouth. A weird sensation running through my body. I wanted more of that ice cream. And not from the bowl, but from his mouth. That ice-cream was delicious, satiating and so flavoursome. It was by far the most divine ice-cream I have ever tasted.

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